About Lino Così

Lino Così is a free desktop-like web accounting application. It is targeted to small and expanding enterprises or organisations who want more than an off-the-shelf product. With Lino Così you will finally perceive it as a joy to

  • manage your contacts, your catalog of products and your account chart

  • record and print your sales invoices

  • record your purchase invoices

  • declare your VAT statement

  • record your bank statements

  • get your financial situation

Despite the fact that Lino Così itself keeps things simple, its codebase is used by more sophisticated applications like Lino Tera or Lino Voga.

The name

The name Così was chosen because it is both an abbreviation of the question “Comment faire une comptabilité simple?”1 and our answer to that question: “Così! c’est comme ça qu’on aime la compta!”2



French for “How to have an easy accounting package?” (the project started in Belgium where accounting is more difficult than in most other countries)


Italian/French for “Like this! That’s how we love to do accounting!”