19.2.0 (released 2019-02-12)

This release introduces a beta version of the new “Library files” feature which is a basic requirement for doing distributed accounting (i.e. accounting in a team instead of a single person). Of course there is more to do.

The basic visible change is that every purchase invoice now has an “Uploads” panel where users can assign one or several pdf files or scans of the incoming document. Besides this the notion of “uploads” has been extended to include “library files”, i.e. files that are uploaded and managed by another user.

The files library

  • A copy of the external files related to the company and managed by one user is now stored on a server.

  • When user 1 receives a new purchase invoice, he adds the pdf to this library on the server. Other users cannot modify this library.

  • We can configure other libraries to be maintained by other users

Using a library file

Another user who is not the library manager can now use the library shared by the first user as follows:

  • In Lino, when you have created a purchase invoice, in the detail of a purchases invoice you now have an Uploads panel.

  • An “upload”, for Lino, is any external file attached to a given database object.

  • Click on the (+) button in the Uploads panel

  • You might upload your own file by clicking the [Browse] button.

  • But in our context we won’t upload files for invoices, we will use the library files.

  • Expand the combo button of the “Library file” field to see all library files. (NB: the label of that field is currently missing because of a bug, see #2830)

  • Type a filter text, e.g. “2018/ekr/”, to see only purchase invoices of 2018

  • After closing the window, you can see the file by clicking on the ⇲ symbol in the uploads panel


We will also need a virtual table that shows all files 2018/EKR/*.pdf for which there is no upload (for each of them a link to view it and a button to create an invoice from it)